Noble Listening

Contemplative practices

for fostering kindness and compassion.

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Praise for Noble Listening

Noble Listening is a delight. It is simple, direct and profound; easy to read and follow. People crave attention and understanding. This book will help those in all relationships improve their ability to connect, listen and love.”
~ Frederic Luskin, author Forgive for Good
Director, Stanford Forgiveness Project
Core Faculty, Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, Palo Alto, CA

“This delightful little book contains huge treasures, the ones that can bring us back into the joy of being human together. I imagine that if a reader only focused on two or three of the many skills given here, that they would quickly become skilled in listening, and would fall in love with the places that real conversation always takes us.”
~ Margaret J. Wheatley, author
Turning to One Another and
Leadership and the New Science

“Listening is no small skill, and so this little book is no small matter. Everyone who wants better relationships and more productivity should read this. It’s fun, easy to read and speaks to the heart of the matter.”
~ Richard Carlson, Ph.D., author
Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

“The foundation of good teaching is the ability to listen. Although Mark Brady writes for a much broader audience, they have provided an indispensable tool – actually, a great gift – for classroom instructors. I will carry Noble Listening in my pocket on a daily basis.”
~ Mary Fainsod Katzenstein, Ph.D.
Government Department
Cornell University

“When you do what I do for a living, it’s rare to find a book that’s practical, satisfying, learnable and inspirational all in the same breath. Noble Listening is all that and much, much more. Two copies should be issued simultaneously with every marriage license.”
~ Peter Pearson, co-author
In Quest of the Mythical Mate
co-founder, The Couples Institute

“A true treasure! When we shift our attention toward listening, our whole world changes. Learning to listen is equal to learning to love. This creative handbook teaches us that learning to listen does not have to be a mystery. Rather, there are tangible ways that we can deepen our capacity for empathy and presence – transforming our relationships with others and ourselves. It has helped me to be a better educator, friend, spouse, and parent. Noble Listening is a rare gift indeed!”
~ Ruth Cox, Ph.D.
Institute for Holistic Healing Studies
San Francisco State University

“Reading Noble Listening should be required for all human beings, as soon as they can read and as long as their eyesight allows. The fundamentals of listening, articulated so clearly, spell out how to achieve this distinctly human skill. Don’t pass up the opportunity to deepen your skill, regardless of your current proficiency. We can all become deeper, stronger and better listeners.” ~ Joan C. King, Ph.D., P.C.C.

“This book may be little, but the significance of its message is big…very big. With appealing modesty and great sensitivity, Mark Brady offers the reader a wealth of practical tips for how to listen more attentively and effectively to others. If only a fraction of this wise advice could be put into practice, the benefits – for listener and speaker alike – would be enormous.”
~ Doug McAdam, Ph.D.
former director, Stanford Center for Advanced
Study in the Behavioral Sciences
co-author, Dynamics of Contention


Biologist and author of Cellular Wisdom

All Quiz Statements are True … and False. Depending upon environment, conditioning and specific circumstances.

Click on each link below to find very Interesting Research …

~ Listening is the first sense to come online

and the last to leave and drives neurological

development all through life.

~ Women are neurologically advantaged

when it comes to listening and speaking.

~ The deepest listening mostly uses only

one part of the brain.

~ Learning to listen mindfully can dramatically

improve physical and mental health.

~ New discoveries suggest that sound and not

electrochemical processes

underlie brain development.

~ In controlled studies, people who do the

listening enjoy better health outcomes

than those listened to.

~ People who are really good listeners

can clairvoyantly read minds.

~ Many extramarital affairs aren’t about sex.

They’re about connection, about spending

quality time with someone who really listens.

~ How people say things is often more

important than what they say.

~ Mindful listening can profoundly

enhance and significantly prolong life.